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Muh Winx OC

Post  Wlnxgirl on Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:32 pm

Voila! My Winx Club OC, Angie. (Who is based on me, in Winx style.) In case you can't tell, she has the power over animals. (I came up with this idea long before Roxy came along, just sayin') Some abilities she has are the fact that she can understand and communicate with animals, summon animals, shape shift into any animal within her capabilities, and (as you can see) go in between fairy and animal forms. She chooses the silver fox as her signature animal, not only because they are awesome (XD), but also because of their sharp hearing.

Some random facts about my character:
Favourite colour: Indigo
Favourite colour to wear: Black, and some pink
Style: Skater/Tomboy
Interests: Animals, Skateboarding, Art, Computers, Music, Family, Friends
About: Angie is a bit of a tomboy, who loves to skateboard, listen to rock music, climb trees, and who hates to wear dresses. She's really a bit of a loner as well, but will warm up to anyone who comes and talks to her. She loves her friends and family, and all who are close to her, but always has to have her alone time too.
Animals are her passion, and she loves how they are always there for her, during the times that people aren't.
Story: Hopefully come soon. I plan to write a fanfiction sometime. Smile

Here is her Winx form. Smile


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Re: Muh Winx OC

Post  Ella on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:10 pm

My (main) OC is Melody from the Lightix Series I write on I am like her in someways, and in others she is her own person (somehow that always happens to every charactor I make). Here is a bit about her.

Name: Melody
Type of magical being: fairy
Age: 16 (second oldest)
Birthday: February 14th
Eye Color: brown
Hair: long , wavy dark brown hair that goes down to her waist
Favorite Color: Purple
A Place where she would likely be found: a park or any stage or theater
Hobbies: musical theater, playing her guitar, writing music, and being with her friends
Personality: smart, a natural leader, brave, loves music , is sometimes over dramatic (she does theater so that should be no real surprise), is bad at hiding and keeping secrets , and sometimes is very stubborn. She is often gets made if someone makes fun of the theater or her friends.
Place of Orgin: at the moment not sure
Magic Winx Form: a white tank top with a matching mine skirt, white boots that go up to her knees and a thick purple belt that covers the space between her yank and skirt. Her wings are the same as Blooms Magic Winx but has purple at the tips. On her right arm she has a purple band.
Heartix: A white with purple tint strape less dress, small flat shoes, a white star shaped necklace is around her neck(like a chocker),her wings are similar to Roxy's Beliviex form but are mostly white and purple, she has small white boots
Charmix: A silver star shaped pin on her right shoulder, and a maching pouch shaped like a star that is pink.
Enchantix: a purple and white top (same style as Stella's enchantix), a short skirt in the same color and becomes fuller towards the bottom (like Bloom's Beliviex), her hair becomes longer and goes past her knees and and a small crown forms, her shoes are like the other fairies but are star shaped and are purple, her wings are like Tecna's enchantix. She has the same star necklace from her heartix transformation as her fairy dust.
Magical Pet: a little black hound with big brown eyes, with white wings, named Lisa.(based on my real life dog)
Date Look (night out): a tank top style dress with stripes of every color of the raindown in it with black leggings, and a pair of blue heals.
Formal: a purple strap less dress with a full bottom as it gets to the bottom it starts to fade and becomes white. Her hair is pulled in a high ponytail.
PJs: a white tee with black music notes on it and a pair of gray sweet pants.
Everyday Outifit: a white tee with a purple tank on top , jeans and a pair of black boots that almost reach her knees.
Second Everyday Look: a black skirt, with a short seleved purple tee, with white knee hight socks, she has flat purple shoes.
Bonded Pixie: Cloe, the pixie of emotions, she has long pink hair, and is dresses in a light pink tank and maching skirt. She has small blue eyes and light skin. Her and Melody bond well because of Melody being an actor and always playing with her emotions.


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