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WingsFly here!

Post  WingsFly on Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:24 pm

Hi, I'm Malia, and I'm new here! I really wanted to find a Winx Club message board, and I saw this on Angela's site! (I I love you that site!) My only wish is that the members here would be more active. I would love to help in editing and stuff.

I've only been in love with Winx less than a year, but I still LOVE it!

Fav Fairy: Er...All? Mostly Flora, Roxy, and Musa, though.

Fav Specialist: Helia!

Fav Couple: Flora and Helia

Fav Pixie: Again, er...Amore, Lockette and Piff.

Fav Fairy Pet: All of them.

Fav Transformation: Either Enchantix or Believix.

Fav Believix Wings: Totally Tracix, love the diamonds.

Sophix or Lovix?: Lovix

So, I'm going to be a lot here, so, I hope this website will be more active!

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