A hearty welcome from Angela! :D

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A hearty welcome from Angela! :D

Post  Wlnxgirl on Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:29 pm

Hey y'all! Angela (Wlnxgirl) here!

Well, I wish you all a warm welcome here at Winx 4 Life's brand new forum, and I hope you enjoy posting and interacting with other Winx fans. Feel free to introduce yourself here! Just a few rules to start with though:

As said on nearly every blog or forum, please keep foul language out of the forums. Ella, Stellabigfan, Flora and I would greatly appreciate it if you did not swear at anyone, or anything, for doing so may lead to being banned from the forum.

No bullying each other, or the mods. This forum was created to have fun, and make friends - so please, just leave if all you want to do is flip out at one another.

We also ask that you don't talk trash about Winx Club. If you don't like the show, what was the point of even coming here?

We will be keeping an eye out for this behavior. Suspect

Anyway, as said before - I'm Angela, one of the writers for Winx 4 Life, and a moderator on this forum. Winx Club has been my all time favourite TV show for about... scratch Eh, 3 or 4 years now, I think. I started out by finding videos for season 1 at Hollywood Video. I've always loved fairies, so these DVDs struck out to me, and after watching them, I fell in love with the show. The amazing artwork, exciting story, lovable characters, and the fact that they were awesome butt-kicking FAIRIES got me hooked. I then began surfing the net for fansites, and ran across Michael's Favourites and Winx PNGs, both of which inspired me to make my fansite, Angela's Winx World. (Which I've had for nearly two years now. YAY Laughing) About a year-and-a-half after that, I found that Ella was looking for writers on her blog, and I decided I would love to help out. I still enjoy writing for the blog, and designing new layouts. I think Winx 4 Life rocks. Very Happy

Well, since this is an introduction forum, here are some things about yours truly. ^^

Favourite Winx girl: Roxy
Favourite Specialist: Helia
Favourite Pixie: Amore
Favourite food: Pizza 8D
Favourite animal: Honestly, I love all animals, but dogs and foxes are my favourite. ^^
Interests: God, family, friends, animals, music, writing, drawing, anime, manga
Hobbies: Skateboarding, drawing, writing, singing (even though I suck.... I still love to sing [when no one else is around anyway...]),reading, bowling
Random Fact about me: I want to dye hot pink in my hair. :}

So again, welcome to Winx 4 Life! Please post! cat

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Re: A hearty welcome from Angela! :D

Post  Ella on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:05 pm

Ciao! Ella here!

As Angie said, please don't do things that you shouldn't do. Winx is a univeral show that has a large fanbase from adults, to teens and to kids; so let's keep everything clean so all can enjoy!

I have been into Winx for 5 years, I found the show just by chance and was quickly hocked. The very next day I went and got my first Winx doll the very next day (I have over 50, that I probably should take pics of and post Very Happy ). One of my favorite things about the show I would have to say it reminds me quite a bit of DW (meaning, being an unestemated hero until the time comes to prove otherwise, and besides that the concept of a real danger). Not only are they heroes, they are also teenage girls whom try and live an ordinary life. Shorlty after I got into watching Winx on 4Kids, I found Michael's website. Then when Angie's opened I went and checked both sites everyday!

Then this past year (2010) after really getting into the fandom with my fanfic and chatting on sites like Una Di Noi and Winx-Fairies (on top of going to Michael's and Angie's sites), I decided to make my own site; back in I would say March or Febuary. But the site just didn't work, so I deleted the site. Then May 8th I decided that I would try once again and see if I could pull off making and running a site.

A few days before I went and made Winx 4 Life, I had unknowing meet one of my now best friends; stellabigfan. We where both all too excited about this fanart Phoebe (from Winx-Fairies), had found and posted. We had both agreed (along with a few other fans) that Rainbow should use the transformation in an upcoming season.

After commenting back and forth with stellabigfan (and probably spaming poor Phoebe, sorry about that!), I went and made Winx 4 Life. The name kind of just came out of no where, only the fact I had been a fan for a good part of my life.

So Winx 4 Life was made, but at the time I had no idea how and what to do with a site (and at the time, I knew no one whom had one), so I posted about looking for writers and meet Angela! And thank Magix I did, not only is she one of my best friends but an amazing site owner as well as great at photoshoping and making graphics.

Okay, now that the super long back story is told here is a little about me you may (or may not) know.

Favorite Winx Girl: Roxy and Musa.
Favourite Specialist: Don't have one
Favourite Pixie: Piff (she is so cute and has an amazing power!)
Favourite food: Pizza!
Favourite animal: Dogs!
Interests: writing, blogging, reading, playing around with photoshop (and trying to learn new things), musical theather, music, acting, dancing, singing (I am not good), and so on.
Random Fact about me: I can't go a week with out watching at least one episode of both my favorite shows! Wink

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Post  Jesseca on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:04 pm


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Re: A hearty welcome from Angela! :D

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